Inspection and Testing

Inspection and Testing

We carry out a full inspection on the wiring of your property.
We ensure it meets current regulations and safety standards.
We are here for any homeowner, landlord or home-buyer.

EICR – Electrical Installation Condition Report

We recommend all homes are inspected every ten years or before this if you have made alterations to the wiring, such as additional sockets, or have noticed problems with your electrics.

An Electrical Installation Condition Report (EICR) involves a full inspection and testing of the fixed wiring in your home to ensure everything is in working order and the electrics in your home are safe.

An EICR report will highlight any potentially deadly faults that may have gone unnoticed and would leave you at risk of electric shock and your home at risk of fire.

The thorough inspection involves testing all of the fixed wiring in your home, including:

• Earth bonding to gas and water
• Correct consumer unit
• Damage to cables, sockets, switches etc
• Full instrument test of the circuits

On completion a detailed electrical report will be presented to you and will highlight in priority order any deficiencies against the national safety standard that need addressing.

There will be four codes on the report, from code 1 which will require immediate urgent attention, to code 4 which does not meet the British Standard but it not necessarily dangerous.

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