Electrician Altrincham – Electrician Hale – Fault Finding – Repairs

Electrician Altrincham – Electrician Hale – Fault Finding – Repairs

We carry scheduled or emergency repairs, we provide you with a quick response and efficient service. Electrician Altrincham covers fault finding, replacement lighting and sockets and replacement consumer units (fuse boxes).

Fault finding

There is a generally a recognised method of approaching fault-finding, which is referred to as the 5-Point Fault finding approach.

The most important part this way is to gain as much information as possible regarding the the fault and is carried out in this order

  • Gather Information – Ask how the fault occurred
  • Analyse Information – Decide the probable cause
  • Investigate – Attempt to find the fault from your analysis
  • Repair– Once found, safely repair the fault
  • Test – when the fault is put right & restored, test your work
Electrician Altrincham - Electrician Hale - Fault Finding - Repairs

Replacement of faulty light fittings and sockets

Whether you are looking to replace a faulty light fitting or update an old with new, to give a room a lift, we can install the fitting for you.

We will ensure all installations are undertaken in compliance with the latest BS7671 Wiring Regulations.


Consumer units (fuse boxes) replacement

The consumer unit which was known as the fusebox controls and isolates all the electrical circuits in your home. Over time, modifications are made to a home, such as a new kitchen or bathroom and additional electrical sockets. The consumer unit can become outdated when it is no longer able to carry the load and amount of circuits it was designed for when it was originally installed. This can leave your home at risk of fire.

The latest BS7671 regulations stipulate that all circuits must be protected by an RCD (Residual Circuit Device). Many homes don’t have an RCD, and this is crucial as it protects your home from fires and you from electric shocks.

We supply and fit 17th Edition consumer units, which come with a 12-month warranty. Once the work is complete you will be given an Electrical Installation Certificate to verify that an approved electrician has installed it.

Electrician Altrincham – Electrician Hale – Fault Finding – Repairs
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