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Finding A Trustworthy Electrician

Finding A Trustworthy Electrician This web page provides information that helps you in finding a trustworthy electrician   This web page details the characteristics of a trustworthy electrician and the characteristics of an untrustworthy electrician.   How To Find A Trustworthy Electrician Personal Recommendation The best way to find a trustworthy electrician is by personal recommendation  

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Fact Sheets Download Page electrician altrincham

Fact Sheets Download Page electrician altrincham   Electrician Altrincham – download fact sheet domestic-electrical-faults rcd-informationcontsantly-tripping-rcd contsantly-tripping-rcd central-heating-problems domestic-smoke-alarms hmo buy-to-let-landlord uk-pat-testing

Electrical Transformers electrician altrincham

This web page: Describes what electrical transformers are and what they do. Shows images of the different uses of electrical transformers. What Electrical Transformers Are And What They Do Transformers are electrical components that: Isolate one electrical circuit from another electrical circuit. Change (transform) one voltage to another voltage; for instance a transformer can change

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Fuse Boards electrician altrincham

Fuse Boards This web page contains information about domestic electrical fuse boards: What they are. What they do. What they look like.   Introduction People use the term ‘fuse board’ to describe any electrical component that divides the mains supply into individual electrical circuits. This web page uses this broad definition of a ‘fuse board’.

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Electrical Terminology

Electrical Terminology   17th Edition – the 17th edition (version or major update) of a UK national standard for electrical wiring. Issued by the IET (Institution of Engineering and Technology).   AC – alternating current.   Bayonet cap – a type of light bulb connection – the most common type of domestic light bulb connection. Judge Electrical ‘types of

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Electrical Spikes or Surges

Electrical Spikes or Surges This web page describes about Electrical Spikes or Surges: What an electrical spike is. Why it is called an electrical spike. What problems an electrical spike causes. How to protect against electrical spikes. What Are Electrical Spikes or Surges (Surge)? An electrical spike is a temporary, very short (less than a

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Domestic Smoke Alarms

Domestic Smoke Alarms Introduction There were 485 fire deaths in 2005. About 90% of UK fire deaths occur in homes; the death rate in homes where there are no smoke detectors is three times the rate of homes where there are smoke detectors. Fitting smoke detectors in the home saves lives. In 2005 British Insurers

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Approved Contractor

Approved Contractor What Is An Approved Contractor As the name implies, an approved contractor is a contractor that is approved by a trade body, an organisation or a company. The contractor will have been assessed for some or all of the following characteristics: Professional competency.   Trust worthiness.   Financial stability.   Health and safety.

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Explanations Section Site Map

Explanations Section Site Map (File List)   Domestic electrical fuse boards – what they are, what they do, what they look like, pictures   What an approved contractor is. What being an approved contractor means to the customer and who approves these contractors   Description of different types of domestic smoke alarms and what types

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Surge Protectors

Surge Protectors What are Surge Protectors ? A surge protector is an electrical device that prevents damage from an electrical surge. An electrical surge is sometimes called an electrical spike   An electrical surge is a temporary, very short (less than a second), increase in the electrical supply voltage or current or both.   The surge protector diverts the extra electrical

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