Electrical Transformers electrician altrincham

Electrical Transformers electrician altrincham

This web page:

  • Describes what electrical transformers are and what they do.
  • Shows images of the different uses of electrical transformers.

What Electrical Transformers Are And What They Do

Transformers are electrical components that:

  • Isolate one electrical circuit from another electrical circuit.
  • Change (transform) one voltage to another voltage; for instance a transformer can change 240 volts mains voltage to 12 volts for a downlight.



Different Uses Of Electrical Transformers

Transformers are used in many different electrical circuits; below are images of different types of transformers.


The image above is a downlight transformer.


The transformer converts (transforms) 240 volts mains voltage to 12 volts.


The transformer also isolates the downlight from the mains circuit.


The transformer is inside the plastic cover, the plastic cover also contains the electrical connectors – where the wires connect to.


Downlight transformers are very reliable and rarely stop working.



The two images below are transformers that fit on electronic printed circuit boards (PCBs), for instance inside a television.






The transformers are about an inch square.


The transformers connect to the PCB by the metal pins on the bottom of the transformer.



The image below is a transformer from a power station.




The transformer is about 20 feet tall.


The transformer deals with very high voltages and currents.


This type of transformer will be specially built for the customer.



The image below an outdoor transformer; the transformer can be used outside, for instance to power a garden pond pump.




The transformer is about 4 inches square.


The transformer deals with normal mains voltage (240 volts).