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Electrical Watts

Electrical Watts Electrical Watts – this web page provides a definition and explanation of the term ‘watt’. What is a Watt? A ‘watt’ is a unit of power – watts are the rate at which work is done.   Watts are used in many different fields of engineering but are most often used in an

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Vulnerable Domestic Electrical Appliances

Vulnerable Domestic Electrical Appliances This web page provides a list of domestic Vulnerable Domestic Electrical Appliances that are vulnerable to electrical surges and gives links to further information. The most vulnerable electrical appliances are those that contain micro computers. In recent years their has been a big increase in domestic electrical appliances containing micro computers. The List Of Vulnerable

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Toggle Switches

Toggle Switches This web page: Explains what a toggle switch is. Gives some example uses of toggle switches. What Is A Toggle Switch? A toggle switch is a hinged switch that can switch between 2 positions.   The hinged switch could be a lever, a rocking mechanism or a handle.   A toggle switch can

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Electrical Resistance Electrician Altrincham

Electrical Resistance Electrician Altrincham This web page describes – electrical resistance electrician altrincham What electrical resistance is, how electrical resistance is used in a domestic electrical circuit and a description of the problems too much, or too little, electrical resistance can cause.   What Is ‘Electrical Resistance’ Electrical resistance is a measure of the opposition

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Power Coming Back On After Power Cut

Power Coming Back On After Power Cut Always wait for 5 minutes after power is restored; if the power is going to trip again the likelihood is that it will happen within 5 minutes.   Power coming back on after a power cut can cause RCDs to trip, or fuses to blow, due to an effect called ‘inrush’. Turn

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Power Cables Electrician Altrincham

Power Cables This web page gives advice on power cables Purpose of a power cable Care of power cables Symptoms of faulty power cables Purpose Of A Power Cable The purpose of an electrical power cable is to connect the electrical supply from the electrical outlet to an electrical appliance. Care Of Power Cables Care of

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Electrician Personal Recommendation

Electrician Personal Recommendation An electrician personal recommendation is a recommendation as to the trustworthiness and competence of an electrician from someone, or an organisation, you trust. If the electrician has gained the trust of the recommending individual they have earned it. A personal recommendation is very valuable as it is given by someone who has

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Lightning And Electrical Appliances

Lightning And Electrical Appliances This web page contains information on lightning and electrical appliances: Describes what damage lightning can do. Explains how lightning damages electrical appliances. Explains how lightning ‘gets into’ electrical appliances. Explains how to protect electrical appliances against lightning damage. What Damage Lightning Can Do Lightning can do no damage or ‘burn out’

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Finding A Trustworthy Electrician

Finding A Trustworthy Electrician This web page provides information that helps you in finding a trustworthy electrician   This web page details the characteristics of a trustworthy electrician and the characteristics of an untrustworthy electrician.   How To Find A Trustworthy Electrician Personal Recommendation The best way to find a trustworthy electrician is by personal recommendation  

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Fact Sheets Download Page electrician altrincham

Fact Sheets Download Page electrician altrincham   Electrician Altrincham – download fact sheet domestic-electrical-faults rcd-informationcontsantly-tripping-rcd contsantly-tripping-rcd central-heating-problems domestic-smoke-alarms hmo buy-to-let-landlord uk-pat-testing

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